The Gwaertler Foundation is named after a small mountain in Switzerland. Despite not being the largest mountain in the country, reaching the summit is a considerable achievement that involves clear intention, stamina and strength, determination, courage and imagination. There is no specific or accepted path, one must find their unique way to reach its peak, either alone or with some assistance.

The Gwaertler Foundation holds similar values in that we are a small foundation concerned with assisting creative individuals find their own way to contribute towards society in a way that is dynamic, open and honest. We are interested in those that question themselves and the contexts within which they live and work in order to both create and restore values that are truly important to themselves and to the public good. We aim to support unique voices whose background, identity, ethnicity, sexuality, age, beliefs, and artistic vision may place them outside of traditional funding models or existing infrastructures. 

Although we value the material aspect of the arts, we are much more interested in the rich inner experiences evoked through processes and communications that create a certain resonance. We believe strongly that Art is an essential component in the sustainability and also the development of our role both in and as a society.

There is no obligation from the foundation to provide funding.