Gwaertler Grant

The Gwaertler Grant supports work in the arts that seeks to make a concrete difference to the context in which it is presented. The grant is specifically geared towards practitioners in all of the arts who are getting started on a project and need support for a wide range of activities, such as:

  • archival research
  • connecting with people from other disciplines
  • active fieldwork
  • cross-cultural collaboration
  • conducting interviews
  • taking courses
  • organising workshops
  • experimenting with techniques
  • voluntary apprenticeships
  • durational exercises
  • and more

The amount of the award for successful applicants (maximum 12,000 CHF) depends on the funds available for each funding round.

Deadlines for the next rounds of applications are:
15 May, 15 September 2024 (6 PM, CET)