Magali Dougoud dismantles dominant historical and scientific narratives to find other possible subjectivities. She develops an emancipatory feminine imagination through notions such as liquidity - as a means of heterogeneous connection -, violence, eroticism, plural and inter-species intelligence. Her work, mainly video, but also text, sound and installation is inspired by hydrofeminism(1), the idea that we are all "Bodies of Water". Water, as an omnipresent motif in her work, allows ambiguous and hybrid figures, often in revolt, to create new narratives in which voices multiply, repeat and overlap.


"Womxn Waves" is a series of five radio pieces imagined by the visual artist Magali Dougoud. They will link Womxn and Water. Through sound and text, this project will mix different fictional, theoretical, poetic and sound forms, in collaboration with musicians and artists. These multi-voiced narratives will overlap and multiply in a kind of wet cacophony. Each episode of Womxn Waves develops a specific prism: environmental racism, community rights to water, eco-eroticism, hydro-feminism, ocean becoming, voice-waves, or queer futurism. Linking the Spree, the Canal Saint-Martin, the Congo River, the Strait of Magellan, and other watercourse, the artist imagines a kind of aquatic and immersive road trip. It is a question of making female voices and thoughts heard, which are often minorized or even silenced. These pieces have been thought to be broadcast on different Swiss radios which develops a porous programming between radiophonic and artistic practices.


(1) NEIMANIS Astrida, Bodies of Water: Posthuman Feminist Phenomenology, Bloomsbury Academic, 2019


WOMXN WAVES, Magali Dougoud
Lausanne, CH

Magali Dougoud