THE MOUNTAIN OF PROTOCOLS, Aristide Antonas, 2021
Athens, GRC/Basel, CH

Aristide Antonas

Aristide Antonas is a greek novelist and an architect with work spanning philosophy, art, literature and architecture. He published prose, theatre scripts and essays. His art and architecture work has been featured among other places in documenta 14, Venice biennale, Istanbul biennial, Sao Paulo biennale, Display Prague, the New Museum in New York and had solo institutional presentations in Basel’s Swiss Architecture Museum, Austria’s Vorarlberger Architektur Institut and the French FRAC, Orleans. 


The mountain of protocols is a 15 video loups installation. The installation includes three audio performances, audible only locally; they have the form of dialogues between a robot voice and an interlocutor who does not understand; the fragments refer to the western tradition of human bodiless consciousness; the platonic cave of the Republic, “the floating man” by Avicenna and a fragment from meditations on the first philosophy by Réné Descartes. In parallel to the three voices, three protocols of hypothetical internet states are presented in the form of legislative literature video-loops; three more “desert rooms” loops complete the installation. The installation will travel more after its first presentation in the Venice biennale 2021. The Gwärtler Foundation supported the research and development phase.