Berlin (D)

Jared Gradinger

Jared Gradinger is an interdisciplinary artist working in the fields of performance, dance, social art and Nature. Since moving to Berlin in 2002, he has been fostering long term collaborations and unique artistic practices, connecting community, creativity and Nature; whilst exploring different forms of co-existence. His work revolves around the question, 'What can we do together that we cannot do alone?'


The Impossible Forest, is a 40 sqm garden located in the Uferstudios Berlin. The garden is situated in and on the middle of an asphalt courtyard that was previously empty. Jared Gradinger’s intention was not to fill space, rather to bring the much needed green energies and timing of other than human beings to ‘work with’ and possibly influence the creative energies that felt stagnated or swallowed in this very large, open and urban space. The garden is also a place of transformation, respite and beauty; encouraging those who pass by to slow down and observe and perceive what is 'there'. In particular, the cycles of blossoming and decay. The garden’s foundation is 13 dead trees that have been installed into the asphalt, along with gravel and soil on top to create the structural frame. The plants are 80% native species that have been planted or imported by wildlife and wind in support of  other non human native species such as birds, worms, bees and other insects. The garden isn’t a typical community garden. It is more like a park, where people step into another ‘world’ and participate by being in it or walking past it.  Each tree has a vine attached to it, with the intention to create a fully shaded space over time. The ‘Impossible Forest’ has been home to many art projects, practices, performances, music videos, and education programs from local and international artists. The garden is a project of dedication and  encounters. It is also a classroom, a meditation, home, an extension of Jared Gardinger. The Impossible Forest was co-created with Nature in collaboration with Silke Bake. Made possible by the cooperation of many helpers. Realized in the context of Tanznacht Berlin 2016. Supported by the Gwaertler Stiftung, Bezirksamt Mitte, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Uferstudios GmbH and generous donors. The construction work was carried out by Andreas Doletzki, Groß Kreutz.