Chantal James & Inês Beleza Barreiros

La Rampa, initiated and curated by Chantal James and Inês Beleza Barreiros, is an annual independent limited edition book series focussed on counter histories and new narratives. The publication brings attention to the many languages of resistance, re-conceptualizing the way in which we understand the past, experience the present and re-imagine the future. The publication aims to challenge historical narratives and visuality that have defined people and places and how they see themselves, contributing to the archives of the Global South — fostering future mechanisms of resistance.

This from the Gwärtler Foundation supported volume of La Rampa aims to unearth the memory of Portuguese colonialism, rescuing the elements discarded by visual and historical representation, while highlighting the multiple, complex and enduring legacies - the wreckage of colonialism. It presents itself as an agitator of wills and positions - a medium that facilitates the visibility of those who have been invisibilized. La Rampa intends to celebrate the stories and cultures of African and Afro-descendant communities, recognizing their significant historical contributions to Portuguese society and history. This edition includes the participation of national and international artists, writers, activists and academics, including Afro-descendants who apply their talents in an innovative way to provoke and stimulate thought and debate on themes that connect local aspects to a global phenomenon.