Athena Vida

Athena Vida is traveling and exhibiting as an international artist. She explores a diversity of mediums and ways of expression. Investigations about how we co-create our reality is fueling her work. The soulfulness of objects, the aliveness of myths  and the allegorical power of symbols are the core of her interest. Symbols understood as being a point of union of all cultures, as a language that is cosmic communication, can be read as expression of our evolution as humans.
The „Archipelmethode“ unfolds its potential since 2016. The Name stands metaphorically for us humans being like islands that arise all from the same ocean, all sharing the same quintessential intelligence. The archipelago method takes place in a wide variety of formats and under many different conditions and circumstances. In principle, it can take place anywhere. It opens and holds a protected space. It provides a rich reservoir of impulses and inspiration, which accompany the participants into a creative process. It is an open-ended, poetic game system that carries the potential to explore ones own body through surfacing mental images as through the creation of externalized three dimensional sceneries. The resulting imagery, objects and configurations are read and moved in communion. Symbols and archetypes are always image and emotion simultaneously. That means they are already having a transmuting potential while they are created. Symbolic transactions that are performed within the process invite to share wisdom. They can serve as motivation and be encouragement to practice visionary power as  transformative impetus in ones own life. The Gwärtler Stiftung funded and supported the project and its continuous and ongoing evolution.