Installation by Martin Jakob. Photo by Chroma, 2018
Berlin (D)

Marie DuPasquier

Marie DuPasquier (*1984, Lausanne) is a curator and museologist, living between Zürich and Berlin. She studied History of Art and Museology in Neuchâtel (MA, Eugène Ferdinand Prize). She was Associate Curator at Maison d’Ailleurs, Museum of science-fiction and President of Biel/Bienne Photography Festival. Her researches focus on the notion of “contact zone”, exhibition spaces and devices, the movements and meetings of bodies involved in a space or the activation of image systems. They take form at Display, space for artistic and curatorial practices, that she runs in Berlin and abroad. Display was awarded with City of Berlin Prize for project spaces 2018.

Display is a space for artistic and curatorial practices based in Berlin. Founded in 2015, it is at the crossroad between an international exhibition space, a curatorial research and a web platform. Display collaborates with artists, curators, thinkers to invest spaces with a focus on transformations and processes; questioning mediatization through small structures. We are engaged in revising image systems through situations. We consider the exhibition room as a display to be used, extended, inverted and neglected. We like to investigate the positions, movements and relationships of the different actors and bodies in the space, gathered under the notion of “contact zone”. It is run by the curator and museologist Marie DuPasquier and was supported by the Gwärtler Stiftung for the renovation of the space, made by Paul Polaris, and part of its exhibition program.