The outbreak of the Corona Virus has effected the global community dramatically. It directly impacts our situations as much as it calls for new existential, social and political thinking. We, the board of the Gwaertler Stiftung, are also trying to navigate and understand our role and how we can best contribute at this time. We have more questions than answers. We do believe that we are in a critical time with unique opportunities and challenges and we hope to promote reflection, care, adaptation and growth.
The Gwaertler Stiftung is asking how best can artistic activity support the needs of artists and local and international communities with a direct awareness and response to what is now happening. Many new challenges have arisen and opportunities towards contributing to an adapting society, with the full potential of art, now emerge. Some of the questions we are asking are:
 • What does this crisis mean for art? How can you develop an awareness of, or perhaps contribute towards, what might emerge afterwards?
 • What are the sources of energy to strengthen one’s inner power in order to have an individual possibility to face this challenging situation?
 • Do you take this time to reflect or delve deeper into your understanding and craft or do you find ways to reach out in new unchartered ways to touch others?
The Gwaertler Stiftung is a small foundation, with limited resources. We specifically aim to support those whose circumstances may place them at a disadvantage when seeking support elsewhere. When considering an application, please do so with an honest and transparent awareness of your needs, and with care to consider those whose needs are not being met.
Please send us your application as one PDF Document (A4 format) by e-mail to The application should be one document of no more than a maximum of 6 pages (no double pages), with the following possible content:

 • Description of the project
 • Budget including desired contribution from the Stiftung
 • Relevant links
 • Information about you or your organization
 • Involved persons
 • Contact information