SOUND PLASMA FESTIVAL Ensemble for New Music Tallinn
Tallinn, EST

Ensemble for New Music Tallinn

Since its establishment in 2012, the Ensemble for New Music Tallinn aimed to bring about fresh, non-conformist and newly perceived music to a new generation of audience. Today, one of the leading groups of contemporary music in Baltic and Nordic region, the ensemble is made of a core of principal members, main musicians, and a larger body of collaborators or guest artists to form a flexibly modular format. As of 2017 the ensemble is making its own annual festival of intonation-based music, titled Sound Plasma Festival for alternative intonations, in Berlin and Tallinn. The festival includes several performances, lectures, masterclasses and symposium by ensemble members and invited guests. With a growing body of repertoire and commissioned works, ENMT is becoming a recognized name in contemporary classical music scene across Europe.


The 4th edition of Sound Plasma, festival for alternative intonation music, was dedicated to spectral music. A bucket list of masterpieces that previously were too big for our young festival, are to be premiered in Estonia.