Hilda Parades
London, UK

Hilda Paredes

Firmly established as one of the leading Mexican composers of her generation Hilda Parades has been based in London for over 35 years. Performers frequently praise the perfect balance she achieves between brilliant compositional technique and a keen sensibility for the particular instruments and individuals for whom she writes. While her works bear testimony to her constant collaboration with and fascination for Mexican poets and artists, she also draws inspiration from around the world. Her music has been acclaimed by the critics of the relationship between time, dramatic force and poetic approach.


Trikromie 21 - A dystopian opera.

Music and Libretto by Hilda Paredes
It’s 2117, in “the Green Bubble”, a glass roof protecting society’s genetically engineered citizens from pollution and viral diseases. Only the dispossessed live outside this bubble in the “Forbidden District”. Perfection is key – but it’s a chilling perfection, where that which cannot be controlled, or is not seen to be essential for the integral society, is eliminated. Numbers have replaced names, and thoughts and history are controlled by compulsory digital daily updates. The opera explores a dystopian society in which its leading characters become torn between the confines they know and accept, and something outside they sense must be a “wisdom that has been forgotten”. An illegal watercolour – a portrait of an outsider - inspires change, leading the main character to be banished to the planet “Trikromie 21”, where climate refugees have been sent. There, she discovers a society led by a respect for nature and spirituality, devoid of human cruelty. She vows to use her newfound knowledge to save humanity back home…