Gwärtler Foundation is named after a small mountain in Switzerland. There are no official trails. In order to climb it, walkers have to find their own way with initiative, curiosity and courage. The journey reveals unique and constantly changing views back at territory already covered and ahead at what is to come, thus sharpening awareness of where the walkers are situated within the larger context.
We are an artist-run foundation and want to support artistic endeavours that present new perspectives and are in the process of carving out a singular trail to get there. We seek practitioners who question not only society but also themselves, who take nothing for granted, and whose independence and inventiveness may cause them to fall through the mesh of categories defined by traditional funding. We place value on process and research, with the belief that art is essential to the sustainability and development of a diverse cultural environment and thus enriches a shared society. We consider our support a form of social commitment and wish to contribute to making culture accessible to diverse communities.