WELLSPRING, Anna Nowicka
Berlin, D

Anna Nowicka

Anna Nowicka is a choreographer plunging into the lush reality of dreaming. She researches the potential of images to expand the body into a state of continuous becoming. Graduate of the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, MA Choreography at the HfS Ernst-Busch / HZT in Berlin and MA Psychology at the Warsaw University, she wrote her PhD on embodied awareness as the foundation for being present. Since 2010 her individual practice is connected with the Art Stations Foundation by Gra┼╝yna Kulczyk. Her most recent work „Eye Sea” was premiered in December 2019 in HAU Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin. 


Wellspring is a weekly event happening in Dock11 in Berlin, and later – due to the pandemic - online. It is an embodied work taking participants' night dreams as maps in order to return to a place of creative flow and universal alignment. In the meetings we engage with various bodywork techniques, e.g.: perceptive pedagogy, BMC, Feldenkreis in order to open a space of deep listening. From this relaxed receptiveness the dream is received and collectively unraveled through movement and words to embody an understanding of where one is, what one needs and how this need can be responded to. Multiple perspectives meet in a single landscape of the dream, bringing an insight to the original dreamer, and a deep understanding to all who part take. Wellspring proved to be invaluable in the period of the global crisis. It offered meaning, a sense of belonging and practical tools for healing. It created a powerful solidarity of dreamers collectively sourcing hope, joy and conscientiously implementing change. The Gwärtler Foudation supported it's realization.