JOCELYNE SAAB from "Beyrouth ma ville"
Marseille, FR

Mathilda Rouxel & Jinane Mrad

Jocelyne Saab was a French-Lebanese director, mainly known for her documentaries about the Lebanese civil war. She is considered as a pioneer of Arab filmmaking, and built an enormous work which count 47 films and 6 photographic series. Mainly produced for TV purposes, her work was before her death in January 2019 mainly known by the Lebanese diaspora in France that had access to her documentaries broadcasted on TV during the war. The lack of institutions in Lebanon did not allow her to preserve her work in a dedicated space during her lifetime. Nevertheless, Jocelyne Saab has always been considered as a pillar of Arab cinema history by researchers specialized in the MENA region, even if she never got the chance to be known by a wider audience. This is the challenge that the Association decided to take on by restoring her whole cinematic work, preserving and publicizing it by creating a DVD. The Gwärtler Foundation supported parts of the reseach process. 


Mathilde Rouxel is a French film curator and researcher, specialized in Arab cinemas. She met Jocelyne Saab in 2013 and became one of her close collaborator until the end of her life. She immediately started working on the festival project conducted by Jocelyne Saab from 2013 onwards and then assisted Jocelyne Saab on her latest artistic projects. In 2015, she published at the Dar an-Nahar editions of Beirut, the first monograph dedicated to the Lebanese artist: Jocelyne Saab, la mémoire indomptée.


Jinane Mrad is a French-Lebanese lawyer and stage director. As she spent her childhood in Beirut, she is quickly interested about Lebanon history and the transmission of collective memory. In 2017, when writing her play Graphe in Beirut which deals with the Lebanese civil war, she discovered Jocelyne Saab’s work and meet Mathilde Rouxel two years later in Paris. She is specifically in charge of administrative and legal issues within the association.