BORDERLAND, Annamaria Olsson, 2020
Berlin, D

Annamaria Olsson

Annamaria Olsson is a Swedish activist and writer, living in Berlin since 2008. She studied History of Ideas and Gender Studies at Humboldt and Uppsala University. From 2008 she worked as a freelance correspondent from Berlin, Germany and Brazil writing for big Swedish magazines and newspapers and 2014 she published her first book; "My Berlin" - a personal guidebook to Berlin. 2013 she founded the social integration platform Give Something Back To Berlin, today an internationally acclaimed best practice project awarded with several German and Global prizes from players like UN and the city of Berlin. Her short stories have been published in Swedish and German.


"My Gwärtler-funded project was a creative non-fiction book about people whose destinies have been shaped by borders and migration, interweaving the history of Germany and Berlin with currents waves of migrants and refugees, demonstrating similarities and historical overlap. The first year with the book mainly meant an intensive research-phase with travels and deep interviews with some of the main protagonists. I visited border-regions in Israel and Palestine, Jordan and Syria, German and Poland, refugee rescue ships on the Mediterranean route, helped to smuggle an Afghani refugee that was supposed to be deported from Sweden and celebrated the 30-year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall together with a group of people who were all in DDR-prison for helping people flee to the West. Countless of hours of interviews was also been made ending with a rough draft of 90 A4 pages that will be edited 2020-2021."