Claire Vivianne Sobottke

Claire Vivianne Sobottke grew up in a french-german family and is based in Berlin, where she engages in the practice of choreography, performance and dance. She defines her work as place of resistance and undoing, where norms of thinking and seeing can be challenged and changed. After studying acting at UdK Berlin and working in state theaters for 2 years, she was strongly drawn to work with the body, which she sees as turbulent accumulation of concepts, histories, trauma, memories, projections, identities, dreams and magic. Dancing thus becomes a way of activating the knowledge of the body, of making turbulence visible. In 2017 she initiated and curated 'Amazonas'.


Amazonas is an interdisciplinary platform supporting and connecting young female artists in Berlin. Throughout the year 2017 the initiative supports four choreographers and their specific research with a stipend, inviting them to define, defend and discover potentially unknown territories, formats and working methods. Four times in 2017, we come together in the Kantine of Sophiensaele, Berlin, to listen, discuss, see and celebrate. As part of the series, each of the artists dedicates to a close encounter with journalist and author Astrid Kaminski, who accompanies and documents  their process by rather writing from within, then about. In so doing four written portraits about the artists and their idiosyncratic ways of working emerge. By the end of their research time the artists share, perform and discuss their  process with an audience. The performance is followed by a conversation with Astrid Kaminski and a DJ Set by a female  identifying Berlin - based DJ. Amazonas defines itself as space to think about and wrestle with gendertrouble. How does gender influence our ways of being in the world? Amazonas is an invitation to playfully encounter, undo, mourn and contemplate gender - political limitations, structures and inscriptions. It insists on the necessity of friendship, mutual support and courage within the production of artistic work and proposes to honor artistic research and artistic product equally. Participating artists were: Jule Flierl, Astrid Kaminski, DJ Sapphic Faggot, Maria Scaraoni, DJ S.RUST  + collective, Sheena Mc Grandles, DJ Lady Guacha, Agata Siniarska and DJ Mantra. The Gwärtler Foundation supported the evenings.